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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
5:35 pm
Got a Furry Variety Show idea!
I was thinking of doing an old-fashioned Flea Circus. Bring in a few props, hoops for them to jump through, building blocks so they can climb the stairs, and such.

Now of course these are tiny tiny fleas, you might not be able to see them from the audience, so I shall describe the act as I see it onstage, and you can follow my eyes (nose) as I am looking at them.

So I do the narration and all, and finish off with Felicity the Flea, the star of the show, who's going to do a quintuple backflip from the floor onto my hand, in the jackknife position! (Which is very hard to do with six legs.)

Do the joke, audience applauds... So do I.

Sorry, Felicity, I hope your leg heals in time for the next convention...

(crossposted to infintysquared, mff_fvs and MFF's FVS mailing list.)

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
9:59 am
MFF 2010 Furry Variety Show Rules

Hello Everyone!
  Sorry I've been slow to update this community, but let me fix that now. (most of the action has been happening on the mailing list - if you plan to participate, that's the best place to be)

Midwest FurFest hosts the Furry Variety Show!
The FVS is a non-competitive variety show which started back in 1995. It's a bit of Vaudeville, and sort of like being on the Muppet Show. We all cooperate as a team, and we mix and match performers to acts as needed.

If you have a "ready to go" act, we'll give you a spot. If you want to be in the show but don't have an act, join us and we'll help you put something together, or add you to an existing act.

  Here are the rules:

1.  Acts should be somehow "furry" in nature - preferably performed by fursuits and/or puppets.  Video presentations are also welcome.
2.  Acts have a time limit of 3 minutes (negotiable )
3.  Acts should try to stay within a PG-13 rating (also negotiable)

We reserve the right to reject acts which we deem unsuitable - this would include inflammatory content, personal attacks, or way-too-adult content.  If in doubt, ask me at rcking@speakeasy.net.

Robert King
Director, MFF Furry Variety Show
Saturday, July 17th, 2010
11:25 am
Still Alive
This is just a placeholder post. This community is still alive and I expect to post updated rules and suggestions soon.
Tuesday, September 8th, 2009
12:52 pm
2009 MFF Furry Variety Show video rules
The MFF Furry Variety Show welcomes video content in the show!

1. Please submit video creations which are relevant to furry, which are
your own work, and which have not been sold or shown extensively (not
available on a YouTube-like public video site before the con and less
than a year since first availability OR any public display.)

Retro video is also welcome if it has not been seen in 10 years or more.

2. Time limit: about 3 minutes - just like an act.

3. Media and Format: Standard DVD or CD is preferred over email/net
download. Content format should be native DVD, mp4, avi, or anything
that a player like VLC can play on a windows laptop.

4. Deadline: one month before the con. Your video will be reviewed and
may be selected for inclusion in the show. Please send physical media
to Robert King at 550 Wilshire Ave.; Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. Also, bring
a copy with you to the con for good measure.

5. Rating: PG-13 (if in doubt, ask)

6. Content: If you have any question about the appropriateness of your
content, direct questions to Robert King (rcking@speakeasy.net) for
feedback. We reserve the right to reject submissions we deem unsuitable
for the show. We would hate to have you waste energy on something which
is a "non-starter." This would include inflammatory content, personal
attacks, way-too-adult content, and total content rip-offs.
Thursday, November 27th, 2008
4:35 pm
Video of FVS
Howdy! I was wondering if anyone has any video footage of my skit, the one where I sing about breaking up. I'd love to see and hear how I did. Thanks so much!

(cross-posted to midwest_furfest)
Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
5:01 pm
As one of the Assistant Directors of the show this year, I just wanted to thank everyone involved for making this, in my opinion, the best MFF FVS we've ever pulled off. I can't wait to help out again next year.
Sunday, September 21st, 2008
1:30 pm
MFF 2008 Furry Variety Show planning kickoff
Greetings everyone!
I'd like to invite everyone to participate in the Furry Variety Show (FVS) at Midwest FurFest.

What do we do?
The FVS is a non-competitive variety show. It's a bit of Vaudeville, sort of like being on the Muppet Show. We all cooperate as a team and we mix and match performers to acts as needed. If you have a "ready to go" act, we'll give you a spot. If you want to be in the show but don't have an act, join us and we'll help you put something together or we'll add you to an existing act. We strongly prefer to have all our actors be either fursuits or puppets, or at the very least have some furry content. (See the post on what makes a good act for details).

If you want to be in the show and are not on our mailing list, send email to rcking@speakeasy.net to join up - it is our primary mode of internal communication.

This year our show is moving to Saturday evening at 7pm! We also will be holding TWO rehearsals (6pm Friday and 10am Saturday). You only need to attend one. If you have a choice, try to attend the Friday rehearsal.

Since our show is now during prime-time, we will be a bit more strict about adult content. Keep it PG folks!

Last year we experimented with rehearsal on parallel stages - this seemed to work well, so we're doing it again.

We will lay down multiple "masking tape" stages on the ballroom floor so that multiple acts can work out their marks and their timing in parallel. Then each act can get one final pass at the real stage when they are ready. Each tape stage will have a "boom box" sound system that can play CD-Rs.

Please send email if you have any other suggestions (rcking@speakeasy.net) - repeat suggestions are OK also - just because we couldn't do something in the past doesn't mean we can't reconsider this year.


Robert King
MFF FVS Director
Thursday, September 13th, 2007
10:43 am
What makes a good Furry Variety Show act?
Here are some suggestions for your act:

1. Short is good. Funny is good. Short and Funny is better. We will accept other types of acts - live singing, sentimental monologue, experimental, etc, but if in doubt, quick comedy is a consistent winner.

2. Something different happening every 20 seconds. This isn't a firm rule, but you better have a reason if you want to break it.

3. Props are your friends. They keep the audience interested. We have a prop wrangler to help you.

4. PRACTICE! - Practice before the con. Practice at con before the rehearsal. Practice cues. Practice getting to your mark. Practice getting your motions in sync with your sound. Practice your entrance and exit.

5. Pre-recorded audio. Your voice will not carry and only the MC has a radio mike. Create your audio in advance, tweak it to perfection and burn a CD-R for us. [one exception: I look poorly on pre-recorded singing which has pitch problems - it's a pet peeve of mine ] Live mikes on wires will be made available in special cases. Live singing is permitted if you're up to it.

6. Interact with the MC. We love shtick and running gags which interconnect acts.

The Furry Variety Show promise to the Audience:
"Some of these acts may be good and a few may be painful - but we promise the pain will not last very long"
(thus - we reserve the right to shorten acts which threaten to break this promise)

Acts to avoid:

1. Performing to a full length song without choreography or props. Do you know how LONG a three minute song feels to the audience? It can be agony. Only people with incredible stage presence can pull this off. Please don't try to air guitar or freeform dance your way through a full length song. I require anyone planning to do something like this to show proof of choreography and content.

2. Bellydancing or similar specialized dancing must be time limited. Three minutes is a hard cutoff, but I may ask for shorter.

3. "We have this long windy sketch we've not practiced and only one of us knows it" -a guaranteed train wreck.

4. "I'm doing an interpretive dance of MacArthur Park" -- Ask yourself - do you REALLY have the skill to pull this off and not bore everyone to tears?

5. Too much adult content. This IS a midnight show, and we give some leeway, but if your act is intensely and unremittingly adult, we may not allow it. Keep it PG-13 for the most part. If in doubt, ask the director.
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